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What is the "Chain Gang"? It's a Sumo-related game, based on a day by day entry. This means you have to follow the ongoing tournament.You have to register for each Basho,even if you are a returning player, in order to pick your default, as you will see if you continue reading...
The good news is that all you have to do is guess one (1) winner of your choice from all the bouts on a given day, Juryo and Makuuchi. Only one, any one. You got it right? You advance to day 2 and pick again. You can pick the same rikishi three times per basho max or pick a different rikishi for each day. You got it wrong? Well, that was the shortest game you ever played, because yer OUT!! No three strikes, no yellow card, no "one more chance".. It's the end of the road.
Last human being standing wins. This means the game could theoretically end on day 6. So what..
You will need to pick two default guys before the basho starts for the days you don't play, who cannot be changed. The default player will be ranked between Sekiwake and Juryo 14. There is a 5-time use limit per basho for using the default rikishi. If you have already used the first default three times, the second default will kick in.The other reason for two defaults is this:
KYUJO - When your default pick goes Kyujo, your second default pick kicks in.. IMPORTANT!! You cannot win OR lose by fusen. If your picked rikishi is involved in a fusen match, the default kicks in automatically.This is so no player will have any advantage due to time zone differences, as we had happen in the past. In the highly unlikely event that your default is also involved in the fusen match, you're toast..The best thing to do is keep an eye out for possible kyujos, and stay away from that rikishi!! Defaults do not include any Ozeki or Yokozuna.
Ozeki can be chosen from day 10 onwards. Yokozuna cannot be chosen at all.
The tie-breaker- the player who used the lowest ranked rikishi on average wins.
Please register!!!. If you don't, you won't be able to pick your defaults.
There will be no mail sent out during the Basho-
you'll have to visit us to see who's still standing
Good luck!!

Ranking Rules

  How basho points are calculated  
For every win you get 100 points + bonus points dependent on the rank of your picked Rikishi (see table below).
Bonus points:
  1 1st Makuuchi Rikishi (mostly Yokozuna East)
2 2nd Makuuchi Rikishi
42 last Makuuchi Rikishi
43 Juryo 1 East
44 Juryo 1 West
70 Juryo 14 West
71 any Makushita Rikishi
For example: If you pick the Rikishi ranked at Juryo 1 West and your picked Rikishi wins his Bout, then you get 144 (100 + 44) points. If your picked Rikishi loses, you get 0 points.
The basho points are the sum of all achieved daily points.
How ranking points are calculated
Ranking points (RP) are calculated by this formula:
RP = 1.0 * BP1 + 0.9 * BP2 + 0.8 * BP3 + 0.7 * BP4 + 0.6 * BP5 + 0.5 * BP6
where BP1...BP6 are the basho points of the last 6 Bashos you had no Kosho* status.
Missing a Basho / Kosho* rules
For the first missed Basho you get the Kosho* status automatically. If you miss two or more Bashos in a row, you get the Kosho* status only for the first missed Basho. If you are absent for three consecutive Bashos, you will be removed from the ranking list.
(*) Kosho: Missing a Basho without affecting the ranking points